Arrowood's 2024 PGA Junior league is officially open for registration!

What can your junior expect out of this program?
Welcoming Environment

At Arrowood Golf Course, PGA Jr. League believes in fostering a welcoming environment for every child, regardless of their skill level. Whether your child is new to the game or a more competitive player, all are invited to join and enjoy the inclusive atmosphere created to nurture a love for golf.

Teamwork is the heart and soul of PGA Jr. League at Arrowood Golf Course. Kids will play on teams utilizing a scramble format, adorned in numbered jerseys. This team-centric approach encourages camaraderie and enables participants to support and learn from one another, fostering skill development that extends beyond the course.

PGA Jr. League experiences at Arrowood Golf Course are led by knowledgeable PGA and LPGA Coaches. Committed to safety, care, and organization, these coaches are dedicated to helping children learn and enjoy a sport they can play for a lifetime. The emphasis on expert guidance ensures that participants receive the best possible coaching to enhance their golfing skills and overall experience.

We will be competing with other local clubs, including:

  • The Haven’s Country Club
  • Shadowridge Country Club


Payment Info

$99 SCPGA registration fee + $350 Coaching fee =
$449 for unforgettable golfing memories!

The Coaching fee will be collected in person at our first practice session on April 10th.

Contact Information

For any inquiries or concerns, feel free to reach out to us using the following contact details:

Email: or
Phone: (760) 967-8400
Address: 5201 Village Drive, Oceanside, CA 92057