Arrowood Golf Course

Individual Lessons

Jason Hong, PGA Instructor

Golf Game Investment, Custom Build Program, Coaching Program, Player Development Program


30 Minute Private Lesson:  $60


Series of 3 Half Hour Private Lessons: $170


Series of 6 Half Hour Private Lessons: $350


One Hour Private Golf Lesson:

1 Student - $125   2 Student - $200


Two Hour Consecutive Private Golf Lesson:

1 Student - $200    2 Student - $350


Junior Half Hour Lesson: $50


Junior Series of 6 Half Hour Lessons: $250  (Juniors ages 4-17)


9 Hole Stroke Saving Lesson

Don't be the player that gives away strokes on the golf course, with some simple strategies and golf course management the average golfer can lower their scores by 3-6 strokes a round. Green fees included in the price.

9 Hole - $250       18 Hole - $450


6 Month Program - 6 lesson package (6th lesson will be a 9 hole playing lesson.

1 Student - $650 (save $225)   2 Student - $1000 (save $500)


12 Month Program - 12 lesson package (12th lesson will be a 18 hole playing lesson.

1 Student - $1300 (save $525)   2 Student - $2000 (save $1100)


Jason Hong



Jason Hong


Director of Instruction



My Teaching Philosophy


My teaching philosophy is straightforward, simple, and focused on the golf fundamentals.  This approach allows me to focus on the key fundamentals in the swing such as a solid setup, grip, posture, stance, alignment and ball position, which I believe, will help create more consistency.  Golf is hard enough and my job is to make the game as easy as possible.


I have found that simplifying the golf swing and the thought process are very important to the everyday golfer.  The simpler your swing, the easier it is to have a swing that is more repeatable and consistent.  Creating a simple swing that is more connected, compact, and on plane will reinforce and allow the golfer to repeat the swing even after a long break without having to feel like they’ve lost their swing.


Some of the other topics I like to focus on are Tempo, Balance and Stability.  I’ve realized that over my 7 years of teaching and working with a lot of different swing models and methods, sometimes just focusing on something as simple as tempo and working on their balance and stability helps tremendously in creating a more consistent and polished swing.  I am also a strong believer in working with the golfer’s natural swing instead of trying to fit them into a certain swing model.  By doing so, it allows the golfers to make improvements at a quicker rate and be able to enjoy the game of golf with a newfound confidence.


I understand that all golfers have different physical abilities/limitations and personal goals in mind.  I am very patient and tailor my instructions to each player.  I try to teach student’s how to self-correct and build a pre-shot routine to be able to help themselves when they are out on their own.  I don’t just teach you on how to hit a golf ball, I help you play better golf and enjoy your golf experience both on and off the course.

Nikki Prichard

Nikki Prichard: PGA Apprentice, Golf Shop Manager


Nikki has been playing golf since she was 11 years old, starting off driving around in the golf cart with her dad and grandpa on family vacations.  When she was in her sophomore year of high school, she was offered a full ride to the University of Nevada, Reno, where she competed for all four years.  After graduating, Nikki moved to Oceanside, a place near and dear to her heart, to pursue her dream of working in the golf industry and teaching the game.  Her goal as an instructor is to grow the game of golf and to motivate her students to reach their full potential with unique drills, strategies and mental game techniques.


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